Knights Of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a catholic men’s fraternal benefit society that was formed to render financial aid to members and their families.  Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families.  Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. 

Contact:  Jason Hedke, Grand Knight


Respect Life / Pro – Life


The purpose of this ministry is to increase awareness among parishioners of all pro-life issues — the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. Education and prayer are key elements of this ministry.


Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast

This usually takes place on the second Saturday of January from 10:30 -12:30 at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Contact Deacon Phil if you are interested in attending.


Scouting at St. Mark

ENJOY CAMPING? FISHING? ROCKETS? THE OUTDOORS? St. Mark now has Scouting for all ages! Scouting is enjoying the outdoors, making friends, and growing as a leader. Boys and girls are welcome, meetings are in the Youth Center. Call Chris Laney, 205-567-8433 or shelbypack119@gmail.com.

Saint Mark has a scouting program for children of all ages. Feel free to contact our leaders:

  • Pack 119 (elementary school ages), Cubmaster Jon Shively- shelbypack119@gmail.com or 205-441-6816.
  • Troop 119 and 007 (middle & high school boys), Scoutmasters Tom Elie and Chris Laney- 119troop@gmail.com or 205-567-8433.
  • Troop 119G (middle & high school girls), Scoutmaster Chris Brown-  troop119g@gmail.com or  205-356-0233.


Our Purpose

Initiated in Spring of 2021, the purpose of the Our Lady of Fatima Guild is to coordinate and offer service and support to the youth of our parish as well as encourage spirituality and friendship for its members.  The pillars that guide us are: 

 Through prayer and volunteerism under the umbrella of Family and Youth Ministry,  the Our Lady of Fatima Guild has grown over time and become part of the fabric of our beautiful parish.  Intergenerational membership and lifelong friendships with our fellow parishioners will grow and serve the youth and families of Saint Mark Parish in the days and years ahead. 

What We Do

Focused on our pillars of devotion and assistance, the Our Lady of Fatima Guild:

In October of 2017, our Parish School of Religion had a special emphasis on the 100th anniversary of the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions. After the re-introduction to this incredible story and its importance, the old PLC (now the Youth Center) and all the programs and activities that serve our youth have been dedicated to Our Lady, particularly under the title of Our Lady of Fatima.

Ask Mary and she will always help and guide you. Prior to 2020, She was with us every step of updating the youth center and helping our EDGE middle school and high school youth groups grow. During 2020, with Her help, the Coffee Cafe came to fruition and that space is dedicated to Her and the spreading of the story of Fatima.

A parishioner who has a history of being involved in guilds in other parishes had the idea to start a guild here at Saint Mark. Tied in with the devotion and dedication to Our Lady of Fatima, this became the perfect name and focus for the Our Lady of Fatima Guild.

We continually look to Mary and pray for guidance in leading us in the direction to help serve the Saint Mark community in a number of practical ways, along with a special emphasis on prayer support for our youth and parish family under the umbrella of Family and Youth Ministry.


St. Mark the Evangelist honors St Joseph on his Feast Day, March 19, with an Altar in the Church. Father Ward will bless the Altar at the Masses on that weekend. You are invited to participate in a non-perishable food drive, which will be shared as food for the poor. 

History: St. Joseph’s Day Altar is an ancient tradition that originated in Sicily. In the Middle Ages, a great drought brought a famine that gripped the island. The people prayed fervently to St Joseph, their Patron Saint, for relief. When at last the skies opened, sending down life-giving water, the people rejoiced. To show their gratitude, they paid honor to St Joseph by preparing a table with the harvested fruits and vegetables. They distributed the food to those less fortunate. This began a tradition that continues to this day by anyone dedicated to St Joseph. It is common to hear stories of good fortune and favors attributed to a St Joseph Altar.

Traditions: The traditions include a table blessed by a Priest, in three tiers, symbolizing the Most Holy Trinity. The top tier holds a statue of St Joseph surrounded by flowers and greenery. The other tiers hold food, flowers, candles, religious figurines, symbolic breads in shapes depicting various items of St Joseph, and the life of Christ. Sesame seeds, which are cultivated all over Italy, and breadcrumbs symbolize the sawdust of the carpenter. Bread and wine symbolize the Last Supper and the miracle at Cana. Lemons and oranges, which grow plentifully all over the island, symbolize hospitality, and the fava bean, the only crop to survive the drought and saved many from starvation, symbolizes good luck. There is no meat on the Altar because the Feast of St Joseph falls during Lent. Pictures of the saints fill out the table. It is a St Joseph tradition to wear Red. Finally, there is a basket in which the faithful may place Prayer Petitions and offerings of Thanksgiving.

FOOD DRIVE & BLESSING OF BREAD: Traditionally, food and monetary offerings from the Altar are shared with the poor. This year, due to pandemic restrictions no food will be exchanged. Instead, St Mark will sponsor a non-perishable food drive, to be shared with the Catholic Center of Concern. Also, you are invited to place your bread on the Altar for blessing. This bread should be clearly wrapped so the bread is visible and retrieved after the blessing and taken home. Labels will be available to personalize your item to retrieve your bread and take it home after the Altar is blessed after the service on Friday evening.


The purpose of The Women of Saint Mark is to support the women of the Parish in building community and fellowship, providing times of fun, and enriching our faith life.

All women of the Parish are invited to participate.

The quarterly dinners begin with an hour of socializing followed by a catered dinner. These dinners provide a time for fun and fellowship. A small donation is suggested.

In addition to the quarterly dinners, ladies have the opportunity to join a small group of eight to ten women. The small groups enable us to meet and really get to know each other. If you wish to join or begin a new group, please let us know (karenbkapp@gmail.com). We look forward to having more small groups. Currently, we have 10 small groups.

During Advent and Lent, The Women of Saint Mark sponsor a time of reflection, typically lasting two hours.


March 19 Lenten Reflection
10 AM

April 30 Spring Party
6-7 PM – social hour
7-8 PM – dinner


Book Club Meets monthly, Reading popular novels
Contact: Robin Clancy / Clancysr6@gmail.com


Cultural Arts Group Attends Sunday matinees of both Red Mountain Theatre
Company and Virginia Samford Theatre productions.
Contact: Marilyn Chiaramonte / glassygal@yahoo.com


Faith and Fun Monthly at a local restaurant
Fun, conversation, and assist with bereavement
Contact: Sandy McCarthy / sandyleemccarthy@gmail.com


Galentine Group Monthly activities – lunch, attending speakers, supporting St. Mark events; Sharing our life experiences and faith journey
Contact: Maureen Jordan / reeniejordan@gmail.com


Latina Group Monthly meetings on Saturday Fellowship and reminiscing about our countries
Contact: Ana Hall / ana.hall659@gmail.com

Mary’s Hands 2nd Tuesday Monthly 10:00-11:30AM
Service Projects and rosary making
Contact: Geri Elkourie


Walking With Purpose – Opening Your Heart
3 Part weekly study throughout 2023-24
Contact: Karen Kapp / karenbkapp@gmail.com
Rosie Johnson / srhaj4@gmail.com


The Women of Saint Mark is open to ALL WOMEN of the Parish and their friends .
Our goal is to come together in community for faith, fun and fellowship.
Come and meet and make new friends!

Welcome Committee

Rae Ellyn Sarver – rae.ellyn@gmail.com

Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

Green County Food Collection

Peter Bibbo – michboru@gmail.com

Angel Tree

Susan Wilkens – susan.p.wilkens@gmail.com

St. Vincent De Paul Society

Kate Seifert – stvincentdepaul@stmarkrc.org

Shawls For Hope

Linda Townsley – ljtownsley@gmail.com