The St Mark nursery provides a safe and nurturing space for our little ones to play and learn while parents attend Sunday mass at 8:00 or 10:30.   To make this program a success, we are reaching out to our parishioners for volunteer support.   We are seeking compassionate individuals who are willing to dedicate their time to staff the nursery during our mass services.



Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with our youngest parishioners, create a positive impact on their spiritual growth, and support their families in their worship.   No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to serve with love and kindness.

If you feel called to volunteer and be a part of this meaningful ministry, or have more questions please click here and Barbara West will reach out to you with more details.

Your commitment and support are invaluable to the success of our nursery program. Together, we can create a welcoming and nurturing environment for all members of Saint Mark. Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve in this important ministry. Your dedication and generosity will truly make a difference in the lives of our young parishioners and their families.

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