Columbarium Information


The Parish of Saint Mark the Evangelist has created a Columbarium Garden containing more than 250 niches. The garden is in a courtyard created by the southern transept, the nave and the chapel wall.

The Columbarium consists of three sections; section A, located in the wall of the church, section B, located in the wall of the chapel and sections C, D, and E, located in a standalone structure.

Saint Mark the Evangelist designed the columbarium niches to contain either one or two urns.

Niches are available to Saint Mark the Evangelist parishioners and their immediate family. Exceptions must be approved by the Pastor.

To obtain a niche in Saint Mark the Evangelist’s Columbarium contact the church secretary at 205-980-1810. Upon selecting and procuring a niche, the purchaser will sign and receive a copy of Columbarium Policies and Procedures of Operation and a Right to Placement Certificate. The purchase of a niche includes:

      • Location selection as available
      • Accommodation for a single or double niche
      • Urn
      • The cost of niche faceplate engraving
      • Perpetual care

Pricing for Columbarium are as follows:

Parishioners: Single $3100, Double $3600
Non-Parishioners: Single $3800, Double $4300

To request more information, email or call the Parish Office at
205-980-1810 ext. 1