Parish Council & Finance Council Nominations
Parish Pastoral Council Member Qualifications
  • Must be mature, faithful, registered members of the Parish.
  • Must regularly attend Mass in the Parish.
  • Must have a keen desire to help, and a commitment to prayer and action. 
  • Must exhibit the ability to listen, become informed, reflect, express themselves with care, communicate, work with others, compromise, adapt quickly to new challenges, and receive training.
  • Must have a willingness to participate on committees as needed.
  • Must be the only member in a household or immediate family serving on the Council.
  • Must not be a member of the professional staff of the Parish.
  • Must be able to respect the need for confidentiality when situations deem it necessary.
  • Must have the ability to make the expected time commitment.
Parish Finance Council Member Qualifications
  • Registered faithful member of the Parish.
  • Regularly attends Mass in the Parish
  • Must be the only family member serving on the council.
  • Must not be a professional member of the parish staff.
  • Must have a background in finance or accounting.
  • Must have a good understanding of financial management principles.
  • Must work collaboratively with others.
  • Must be willing to volunteer their time and expertise.
  • Must be committed to the mission nd values of the Parish.

Parish Council & Finance Council Nominations